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100 Years of Experience.

Our Company

100 Years Experience
in Trade, Marketing and International Business.

It is with great pride that we look back over the last century that we have been involved in different activities within four generations:

Mr. S. Ali Ardehali

Mr. Hossein Ardehali

Mr. Mehdi Hesamedin Ardehali

Mr. Mohammad Ali Ardehali

We have risen to great challenges and provided state-of-the-art solution for many problems. With a strong team of employees, and with 4 th generations of the family now in position, we are looking forward to the next 100 years with confidence.

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Mohammad Ali Ardehali

He was born at Tehran, graduated with diploma from Hadaf High School, and started Food Engineering at University of Beheshty. Ardehali continued at Master of Business at University of Tehran so finally he studied in University of Oil as Authorized Crude Oil Inspector.
Mr. Ardehali as profession started his working experience  in Pars Vegetable Oil Company when he was 23 and worked there  for many years also experienced living at South American countries to supply edible crude oil , and continued at Cotecna Inspection as International Inspector, he followed the same job after 4 years at Socotec International Inspection,  finaly he established his own company of T. A. C. 
He likes to collect painting and sculpture, to write article in different subjects, and play Tennis, also to go to nature and traveling also likes photography as his main hobby beside his daily activities.
He believes that : The strongest potential hidden in the weakest human
M.A Ardehali

M.A Ardehali

Founder, CEO

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