Provided Outsourcing Services in all aspects


T. A. C Ta’abeshe Ardehal Co,. Ltd; ( as a private and family owned company established in 1991, as International Trade, Consultancy and Marketing . We are the main seller of European equipment in the field of fine food, margarine, and fat & oil , on the basis of holding agency. Our company also actives in international market, selling Iranian products both finished, and raw material, we are main seller of raw material and packaging material to this market from other countries.

Ta’abeshe Ardehal Co., within last years has proved its capabilities in sales activities with a positive record in co-operating with International, well known, and reputable European’s Companies from Germany, Denmark, and Italy and also Iranian manufactures, trader, and firms.

This company well known as a sales consultant to other sales firms, locally and internationally to assist them in planning of sales procedure in different aspects from initiating of market requirement to terminating of shipment of the goods. T. A. C is considered as a sales consultant even for Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industries as JBC (Joint Business Council) with other countries, or considers as sales adviser for other organizations, embassies, and business firms in Iran or other countries.

We are experienced in arrangement of facilities regarding, different aspects of business procedure , information, collaboration, co-operation, co-ordination, seminar, meeting for all above mentioned fields , distributors and sales organization, regarding how to enter to this market, and smooth performance of Sales & Marketing, arrangement of agency, exhibition, propagation and other service in the form of a “SALES CONSULTANT”.